Different types of mobility scooter

For different purpose and requirements, different types of mobility scooters are perfect to buy. Buying any random mobility scooter is not a good choice. So, you should learn about the types of mobility scooters initially and then try to buy one. You can also see the mobility scooter reviews before buying a particular model. The mobility scooter usually comes in different shape. And the shapes and size make the scooter different from each other. Different types of mobility scooters available in the market are-

Small scooters

The small mobility scooters are the most popular type of scooters available in the market. The scooter is lightweight and can be transported easily from one place to another. If you want mobility and take the scooter along with you in a car when you are travelling, small scooter is the best choice for you. As the scooter is made of light frame and equipment, these are quite easy to carry and these can be placed on the boot of your car easily. But you may face some drawbacks also riding the small mobility scooter. As the scooter is lightweight, it can carry less weight. So, before buying one need to look for the maximum weight the scooter can carry. For the small structure and lightweight feature, it might not be able to carry more than one person on the scooter. Again, it might not be suitable to use on the road and only made for using on the indoor area. For the small dimension and low battery power, the scooter can cover limited area.

Medium scooters


Medium scooters are better than the small scooters in many aspects. It can take more weight than the small scooter and also travel at the moderate speed. However, the medium scooters are not as easy to fold like then small scooters. The medium scooters are available in class two and class three feature. If it is allowed to drive the class three mobility scooter on the road, you can consider buying one. The medium scooter gets the easier turning option than the small one.

Large scooters

Large scooters are suitable to use on the road. If you want to cover long distance, you should go for buying large scooter. Large scooter is also required if you want to travel on the rough surface. The large scooters can carry more than one passenger easily. The large mobility scooters are the class three mobility scooter which can travel long distance on one charge. However, the only drawback of the large mobility scooter is, it can’t be easily foldable and transportable.

So, these are few types of mobility scooters. You can choose any one of them according to your requirements.

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